15 Beautiful Wix Websites with Extreme Retro Chic

With all due respect to the present day and age, the retro style is definitely one of our favorites. We are feeling a bit vintagey today, so we decided to share this cool vibe with the Wix Blog readers and present to you an awesome showcase of retro-chic Wix websites. What’s fun about retro is that it actually contains more than one specific look. You can like 1920′s hairstyles or the 1950′s dress code, and mix it up a bit with 1970′s home decor. Regardless what your favorite retro inspiration is, you will find many websites on this list that will put you in the vintage mood. Enjoy!

Susie Brown >>

Susie Brown


Vintage Ice Cream Van >>

Vintage Ice Cream Van


Ronya Galka >>

Ronya Galka


Amy’s Bridal Accessories >>

Amy's Bridal Accessories


Grenier de Trucs >>

Grenier de Trucs


Bell Outdoor >>

Bell Outdoor


Nuevo Antiquity >>

Nuevo Antiquity


Pretty Please >>

Pretty Please


San Francisco Jitterbugs >>

vintage showcase9


Second Life Festival >>

Second Life Festival


Seeburg 1000 >>

Seeburg 1000


The Cocktail Caravan >>

The Cocktail Caravan


Palais de Danse >>

Palais de Danse


Vintage Chic Rentals >>

Vintage Chic Rentals


Wilfie James >>

Wilfie James



Take Control of What People See When They Google You

If someone you don’t know so well recommended a restaurant to you, would you eat there before you Googled it?

Today, where information is accessible in just a few clicks, running background checks on service providers is already second nature to us.  As a small business owner, you need to think about your online reputation as the first thing that’s killing or winning you sales. To a great extent, it is up to you to manage, control and optimize the things people see when they look for you online.

Take Control of What People See When They Google You

Take Preventive Measures

Building a positive online reputation takes time and effort. Get started now, so that if something negative does come along, it can be balanced against plenty of good reviews.

Here are some things you can get started with today:

  • Establish and publish your commitment to service and quality, and making sure your team knows these are core values for your business.
  • Make feedback a central part of your customer experience, so that clients will be more likely to come to you before badmouthing you online. The  OwnerListens app, available at the Wix App market, is perfect for this.


  • Publish blog posts on your site often to help Google recognize you as an authoritative publication.
  • Google your company in Chrome’s Incognito mode (explained nicely here) to see what info pops us on your business. Then create content on your site that links to positive results about you – this will boost the rankings of those pages.
  • Go through all of the top local business directories  to see where you’re already listed and where you need to get listed (Getlisted is a superb search engine that specializes in this).
  • Use the “Claim this Business” tool on local directories to register as the owner. This will allow you to respond to reviews publicly, using your brand name.
  • Publish badges and widgets from top user review directories like Yelp and TripAdvisor on your site, building trust with your audience and showing that you’re proud of your reputation.

Yelp app

Build a Social Media Presence

Did you know that content  you publish to social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook)  ranks high on Google?  Engaging with clients on social media is a good idea anyway, but the search juice you get from it may just be the incentive you need. Do some research to see which social channels work best for your business and set up a presence there. In order for people to see your content on search engines, you’ll need to publish regularly to your business pages / accounts. This is a long term commitment, but your business will benefit in many ways: you’ll be able to establish yourself as an expert, enjoy increased exposure, build relationships with clients and become more personal with them.


Take Control of What People See When They Google You

Dos and Don’ts when Responding to Negative Reviews

Getting an occasional bad review is almost inevitable and happens to most businesses. The first rule to remember is don’t panic.  Responding impulsively and emotionally is a recipe for disaster – just see what happened with Amy’s Baking Company.

Negative feedback can actually be a great opportunity to fix problems and make clients happy. If someone complains with a justified bad review, own up to your shortcomings, apologize sincerely and offer a free gift as a gesture of goodwill. Most complainers will be so impressed that they’ll feel the need to share the positive experience you ultimately gave them. And even if they don’t, your honesty, generosity and dedication to clients will make you look good to the general public.

However, if someone is lying or making unfounded allegations against you, do consider taking action to get the review taken down. The well-known small business directories care very much about their own platforms’ credibility and are likely to support your efforts to set things right.

Take Control of What People See When They Google You

Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually. Your website’s address, commonly known as a domain name, is one of the critical aspects to determine your site’s visibility on the world wide web.

Once a domain name is registered, you can’t make any changes to it. That’s why every website owner should consider his/her domain name carefully. In this post, we will guide you through necessary steps to take before choosing a domain name.


Highlight Your Brand

A domain name is not simply a bunch of letters people click on  in order to load your website. It represents your company or business on the web. If you can purchase a domain name that is identical to your brand name – do exactly that. If for some reason you can’t register your brand name as a domain, try to come up with a domain that is as close as possible.

business cardmysite

Don’t Have a Brand Name? Create One!

If you are just starting out a new business or organization, create yourself a brand name that works well as a domain name too. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • Don’t over-complicate it. Choose a name that is clever but clear.
  • The shorter the better. Long domain names are a flop.
  • Check for availability. Every time you come up with a good name, make sure it is available for purchase.

my name is2

Trial and Error

Want to make sure your domain name is a success? Run some tests and do your research. First of all, prepare a list of several options. After you check that they are all available for purchase, try them out with friends and associates. See how people react to your domain name ideas both in writing and when spoken out loud.

In addition, look into websites of competitors or similar services. Make sure you are not repeating an overused term, or that your name is not confusingly similar to another company’s.


Register Your Domain Name

Once you have a winning domain name, make sure you secure it as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for someone to snatch it before you have the chance to.

If you have a Wix website, you can actually get a domain name for free when you purchase a yearly premium package (on the Combo, Unlimited or eCommerce plans). Even if you have a monthly premium package, you can upgrade it to yearly and still get the free domain name.

How to Turn Your Wix Website into a Sales Bomb

When it comes to making sales, online shops nowadays often have more potential than brick-and-mortar locations. Going online enables you to reach a wider audience while tremendously cutting back on costs.

One of the greatest advantages of online shops is that they are so easy to set up. With Wix’s eCommerce platform, you can get an online shop up and running in no time. On top of that, Wix offers you a large variety of apps and features to increase sales and make more profit.

If you want to sell like a pro, you need a professional eCommerce website, and we have just the right tools to make that happen. Here’s the ultimate to-do list for making money on your Wix website:

1. Choose an Effective Domain

Your website’s domain name is like the backbone of your entire business. If you don’t have an intuitive and clear domain name, your website won’t be able to pick up. You must choose a domain name that is easy to type, understand and say out loud. Go for something catchy, clever and simple. The shorter the better!

The good news is that you can purchase your domain name directly on your Wix account. In fact, if you have a yearly eCommerce package, you receive the domain name as a gift! All you have to do is make sure it’s available.

Create an Online Ad Campaign

2. Start an Online Ad Campaign

One of the best methods to increase the flow of new visitors to your online shop is to advertise it. In the Business Apps section of your Wix account, you can activate “Get Traffic”, an app that allows you to run targeted ad campaigns across a huge network of locations. “Get Traffic” simplifies the process of running online campaigns and lets you set up your ads in just a few simple steps.

Before you run your first ad campaign, make sure you consider the following questions:

  • Targeting: Who is your target market?
  • Keywords: What are the best key words to use to attract your audience?
  • Call-to-Action: How do you encourage viewers to click and shop?

Track your Website's Performance


3. Track Your Website’s Performance

Any professional marketer will tell you that looking into stats and numbers is critical for your online success. To increase sales, you need to understand your customers’ shopping habits. Their browsing patterns on your website will be able to give you valuable insights into your marketing strategy.

One of the best tools available for tracking and measuring online performance is Google’s famous Analytics tool. Google Analytics provides you with amazing info on your visitors’ demographics, the way they browse your website, how they got there and what they liked or didn’t like. And yes, you can easily integrate Analytics with your Wix online shop.

Optimize Shopping Experience

4. Optimize the Shopping Experience

To guarantee an incoming and growing stream of purchases on your online shop, you must provide your customers with a convenient and simple shopping experience. The Wix eCommerce platform was developed, designed and created with this goal in mind.

The Shopping Cart feature, which turns any regular Wix website into a professional online shop, is an ideal solution for both shoppers and shop owners. It is extremely easy to set up and customize, giving you full control over all the important eCommerce elements (inventory management, product customization, check-out settings, etc.).

Increase Brand Awareness

5. Increase Brand Awareness:

Taking your online shop seriously means starting to think about it as a brand. People seek out brands because they trust their quality and service, and because brands send a message that shoppers want to identify with. Strengthening your brand awareness will help you establish a loyal and enthusiastic customer base.

You can make people more aware of your brand by doing the following:

  • Add a Favicon to your website
  • Use the fixed header feature to make sure that your logo and website title are constantly visible on your customers’ screen
  • Post frequent updates on your site’s news feed, your blog, your Facebook page, Instagram feed or any other platform that works for you. It’s a great way to keep followers interested
  • Use consistent design layout for your website, packaging, advertising material, business cards, etc.
  • Optimize your online shop for mobile viewing to make sure your branding and messaging works well on all devices

15 Mouth-Watering Restaurant and Bar Websites

Nowadays people are increasingly turning to the internet to decide where to eat their dinner and get their drinks. They’re looking for the hottest places in blogs, the spots with the top ratings and reviews on local directory sites, and the venues that are trending in their social circles.

So if your bar or restaurant isn’t active on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google Local, or if you still don’t have an awesome Wix website, then it’s high time you got on top of that. To give you a little inspiration and help you get started, we’ve put together a collection of great-looking restaurant and bar websites. Looking forward to seeing yours!

The Pickle Jar >>

The Pickle Jar


Buddha >>



Big Fellas Bar >>

Big Fellas Bar


Brick Yard NYC >>

Brick Yard NYC


Nomad Sushi Bar >>

Nomad Sushi Bar


Thali an Tandoor >>

Thali an Tandoor

Xina Restaurant >>

Xina Restaurant

Sofer >>



Napa on Providence >>

Napa on Providence


Aglio Olio >>

Aglio Olio


Chiles Grill >>

Chiles Grill


Pisco Fuego >>

Pisco Fuego

Rodos Bar Baltimore >>

Rodos Bar

Jackson’s Food + Drink >>

Jackson's Food


Stogies Cigar Bar >>

Stogies Cigar Bar

Over to You

What’s your favorite out of this bunch? Did we miss a site that you think should have been included? Let us know in the comments below!

Build A Killer Homepage – 10 Dos & Don’ts

Homepages are kind of like digital welcome signs that greet people when they visit your site. Having a beautiful design isn’t enough – if you want to keep visitors glued to your website, you need to have a homepage that functions as an uninterrupted environment for them. Here are the basic elements for creating a homepage that draws visitors in deeper.

Build A Killer Homepage - 10 Dos & Don’ts


Keeping your homepage’s layout clean and clutter-free is essential. Site visitors tend to feel overwhelmed if they’re presented with an excessive amount of info and images. You will come off more organized and professional if your site’s content is well thought-out and tidy.

Do: Choose a layout that is clean and easy to navigate. Make sure that all of your most important content and images are kept above the fold where your viewers eyes will most likely see them.

Don’t: Avoid cluttering your homepage with too many images, icons, clip art, banners, never-ending text and so on. No one wants to sort through a messy page.

Build A Killer Homepage - 10 Dos & Don’ts


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? When it comes to your homepage, this saying rings true. Photos have the ability to let your visitors know what you and your website are all about. If you don’t have access to high caliber photos, you can choose from the Wix Collection of professional-grade images. Simply follow these steps: go to the Wix editor → Add → Image → Change Image → Free From Wix. You can also use this excellent resource for free photos. Strong images can do the job of countless lines of text – use this to your advantage.

Do: Use high-resolution photos that will make your users want to see the other pages of your site. Nothing says unprofessional more than a bad quality pic.

Don’t: There’s no need to add every amazing pic you have at your disposal. A few solid images should be more than enough.

Build A Killer Homepage - 10 Dos & Don’ts

Colors & Backgrounds

These simple, yet important elements set the tone for your homepage and will probably be the same throughout all of your site’s pages. With that said, don’t you want to make sure that you pick wisely? The Wix editor makes it easy by giving you tons of beautiful backgrounds as well as handy preset color swatches called color palettes. You can click through them to see how they change the look of your site, or you can create your own customized palette. You can even upload one of your own images and set it as background – how cool is that?

Do: Go with a color scheme and background that work well together and reinforce your brand.

Don’t: Steer clear of adding too many colors and don’t pick a background that will steal the focus from your main images and text.

Build A Killer Homepage - 10 Dos & Don’ts


Not every homepage will have or even need buttons, but if you’re going to use them you should use them right. Your buttons, or call to actions (CTAs), are gateways to other pages, websites, promotional items, product galleries, and so much more. If the purpose is to make people take action and click, you’re going to have to make them tempting.

Do: Keep the wording of the CTA as clear and short as possible – do your best to keep it under 4 words.

Don’t: Try not to let your CTA go unseen. If you want people to click through, don’t overlook the importance of placement.

Build A Killer Homepage - 10 Dos & Don’ts


You can’t have a perfect homepage without good solid text. Your first objective should be to ensure that site visitors immediately understand what your site is about. But remember, you’ll be able to go into more detail on the other pages of your website, so there’s no need to write a novel. For example: writing a bio about yourself on your homepage is just repetitive when you have a separate page titled “Bio.” Getting carried away and writing overly descriptive paragraphs is a surefire way to make your users fall asleep.

Do: Keep your text fresh and current. Doing so will let readers know that your website is up to date and a dependable source of information.

Don’t: Do. Not. Over. Do. It. In most cases, nobody is looking to settle down for a few hours to read all the text on your website. Be sure not to lose your visitors’ attention by going into way too much detail or repeating yourself when you just don’t need to.

Build A Killer Homepage - 10 Dos & Don’ts


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